What Is Fault Code SPN 1592 FMI 19 and FMI 9? (Freightliner) (2024)

Proper communication helps build strong relationships. The same can be said for the components of your vehicle. If there is a strong communication system then everything will work well. But if there is a communication breakdown, do not expect your engine to perform well.

The SPN 1592 FMI 19 code talks about communication. There is a problem with the wheel speed sensor and the code will say- J1939 Hrw Wheel Speed Signal Erroneous. That means there could be a wiring problem somewhere.

To learn more about this fault code and others ones in the same category, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can handle the repair with ease. It is an electronic repair so make sure you have the right tools handy.

Fault Code SPN 1592

What is SPN 1592 FMI 19?

SPN 1592 FMI 9

What is SPN 1592 FMI 19?

What Is Fault Code SPN 1592 FMI 19 and FMI 9? (Freightliner) (1)

The official SPN fault code list simply states that this code means- J1939 Hrw Wheel Speed Signal Erroneous (hrw Received But At Least One Signal Erroneous).

That should indicate a problem with the wheel speed sensor or that there is a problem with the wiring somewhere. When you see this code, you should also see the CEL light illuminated. If you do not understand what CEL means, those letters stand for check engine light.

The good news is that you should not face any problems with your engine. There should be no threat of derate at any time this problem exists. There is a chance that 2 other codes may be set at the same time.

If you get SPN 168 at the same time, you need to repair the battery voltage issue before moving on to fix this problem. If you see SPN 625 FMI 9 then you have a problem with the CAN line and it needs to be repaired first.

Each step must be verified before clearing the code. If you do not get either code, then you are to do the following:

Check for proper configuration of the CPC against the server information. Does the CPC have the properconfiguration?

a. Yes; determine which modules are configured for the vehicle and their communication status. Once this is done, follow the appropriate module communication troubleshooting procedures for the affected module. Forwiring schematic information, refer to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) literature.

b. No; make corrections to the configuration of the CPC” (source)

Those are the only steps you need to take to resolve this problem. The repair above is for the GHG 17 code that follows the FMI code. There is also a GHG 14 code that has a longer set of instructions which you should read just in case that number is added to the SPN 1592 FM 19 code.

SPN 1592 FMI 9

What Is Fault Code SPN 1592 FMI 19 and FMI 9? (Freightliner) (2)

This code is telling you that there is a problem with the communication in the ABS system. The code actually reads- J1939 Hrw Message From Abs Is Missing (hrw Not Received In Case Newamt Transmission Used).

The same data sheet we linked to above tells you that the CEL will be illuminated but that there will be no impact on your engine’s performance. It also tells you to fix the same codes mentioned above if they are set at the same time.

Get those repairs out of the way first and you may not have to deal with step three as the code should clear. Step #3 only says:

Check for proper configuration of the CPC against the server information. Does the CPC have the proper configuration?

a. Yes; refer to the OEM diagnostics for troubleshooting the loss of communication to the ABS module.


c. No; check for proper parameter configuration of the CPC against the server information.”

This is not going to be a difficult repair when you see this code. When you own your car, you should regularly check for updates for the different modules. This will spare you any delays if you can keep those modules updated with current parameters and information.

SPN 1592 FMI 13

What Is Fault Code SPN 1592 FMI 19 and FMI 9? (Freightliner) (3)

On the official SPN fault code list, there is a third FMI number you should be aware of. This code stands for - J1939 Hrw Wheel Speed Signal Missing (hrw Received But At Least One Signal Not Available).

This code also has 2 sets of GHG codes following the FMI code, they are 14 & 17 also. The instructions to repair this code and clear it are the same as above. Clear the two SPN codes that may show up first before handling this code.

The instructions for the GHG 14 option are as follows:

1. Connect DDDL/DDRS 7.08 SP2 or higher.

2. Check for multiple codes:

a. If Common Powertrain Controller (CPC4) SPN 168/FMI (any) (battery voltage) (Charging System) faults arepresent, troubleshoot these first.

b. If Controller Area Network (CAN) line faults SPN 625/FMI (any) are present, repair the Controller AreaNetwork (CAN) line faults.

c. If only a J1939 Error fault is present, Go to step 3.

3. Has the Common Powertrain Controller (CPC4) been recently reprogrammed?

a. Yes; ensure the parameters are configured correctly for the vehicle application; refer to the Application and

Installation Manual for the correct parameter configuration, if the configuration is correct, refer to the Original

Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) material for J1939 troubleshooting for the affected module.

b. No; Go to step 4.

4. Turn the ignition OFF (key OFF, engine OFF) and disconnect DDDL/DDRS, Wait five minutes for all modules topower down.

5. Turn the ignition ON (key ON, engine OFF).

6. Reconnect DDDL/DDRS 7.08 SP2 or higher. Are fault codes active?

a. Yes; Refer to section "SPN 625/FMI 9 – EPA10 - GHG14" for further PT CAN troubleshooting.

b. No; clear faults codes and release vehicle.

Some Final Words

When you get involved in repairing codes, make sure to check those last three letters. There can be different instructions for GHG and EPA codes and sometimes the numbers that follow them have different information you need to know about.

Repairing engines keeps getting more complicated.

What Is Fault Code SPN 1592 FMI 19 and FMI 9? (Freightliner) (2024)


What Is Fault Code SPN 1592 FMI 19 and FMI 9? (Freightliner)? ›

SPN 1592/FMI 9

What is the code J1939 for the Freightliner? ›

J1939 codes are common for either bad batteries or dirty cables. It covers all the 520210 codes. The 1939 for the ABS, do what I suggested and see if the code goes inactive. If not, then check connector for the ABS module and make sure the pins are clean and tight.

What is the diagnostic code SPN 1590 FMI 19? ›

The forward facing radar in the Collision Avoidance System is an item that is powered down during load shed. This causes SPN 1590 FMI 19 Adaptive Cruise Control not detected on J1939 to become active. The fault should go inactive when the engine is started and the unit is no longer in load shed.

What is the fault code for SPN 2003 FMI 19? ›

This fault code is a loss of communication with the transmission TCM. This could be either a loss of power and ground to the TCM, a faulty wiring harness causing a loss of datalink communication, or a faulty TCM that is in need of replacement.

What is SPN 2011 FMI 9? ›

SPN 2011/FMI 9

This diagnostic is typically the J1939 Message is Missing from Source Address 11 (dec) . This code sets when there is a loss of communication from the ABS module.

How to diagnose J1939 problems? ›

You can also measure the resistance of the J1939 network using a multimeter. The resistance should be between 55 and 65 ohms when the ignition is off and the network is terminated with two 120-ohm resistors.

Where is the J1939 terminating resistor located? ›

J1939 Connections

The Chassis terminating resistor is located in a tee along the left frame rail, usually behind the cab. The cab terminating resistor is located in the dash tucked up above the dash tap points for the J1587.

What is Freightliner code SPN 1592 FMI 9? ›

SPN 1592/FMI 9

Description This Fault Code Indicates a Missing Message from the Antilock Brake System (ABS) Module. Check as follows: 1. Check for multiple codes. Are there any SPN 168 (battery voltage) fault codes present?

What is FMI 9 trouble code? ›

An FMI 9 failure code is an issue with the CAN communication where data is not being sent and received in a timely way by the engine computer. An example is a slow response or non-response from a VGT actuator or EGR valve, this will cause FMI 9 fault.

What are SPN and FMI codes? ›

SPN is short for suspect parameter number. It identifies which electrical circuit, part or component of your truck isn't working properly. FMI stands for failure mode identifier—this part of the fault code tells you what type of problem your truck has.

What does FMI mean in fault code? ›

Failure Mode Identifier (FMI) Codes on J1939 data link. The FMI is used along with the SPN to provide specific information that relates to a diagnostic trouble code (DTC). The FMI may indicate that a problem with an electronic circuit or an electronic component has been detected.

What does FMI mean on a diesel? ›

FAILURE MODE IDENTIFIERS (FMI) Now that we have defined MID (The component) and PID (types of data), we can talk about Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI). Every diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that you find will have an FMI.

What does SPN mean in diesel? ›

SPN stands for Suspect Parameter Number. It's a diagnostic trouble code that provides detailed information about specific faults detected by the vehicle's ECU, making it easier to identify and address issues within the vehicle's electronic systems.

What is spn 96 fuel level 1 fmi 19? ›

SPN 96 /FMI 19

Description This fault indicates a fuel level error signal at the Common Powertrain Controller (CPC). Check as follows: NOTE: Fuel level sensor is hardwired to instrument cluster. Fuel level signal is multiplexed from instrument cluster to the CPC.

What is the diagnostic code for SPN 84 FMI 19? ›

SPN 84/FMI 19, J1939 Wheel-based Vehicle Speed Signal (VSS) from Source #1, #2, or #3 is Erratic. If you encounter these codes and troubleshooting does not lead to root cause, check for ground wire in cavity 15 of the 21-pin connector. If found, relocate to cavity 16.

What is FMI 18 code on Freightliner? ›

In summary, SPN 4364 FMI 18 is an engine error code related to the aftertreatment system of a diesel engine. It can indicate a variety of issues, ranging from a faulty NOx sensor to a malfunctioning DEF system. Symptoms include the illumination of the check engine light and potential engine derate mode.

What is the code J1939 failure? ›

A J1939 code on the dash is normally an indication the truck has lost communication with the engine ECM. I have seen this before. There are two things I have seen cause an engine shutdown and no restart with this code. The first is the engine ECM has lost power.

What is engine fault code J1939? ›

Just to clarify, the ECM is likely not powering up and the other modules on the truck are not seeing the ECM. This is causing the J1939 fault code.

What is the malfunction indicator lamp J1939? ›

SAE J1939 diagnostic supports four types of lamp status. Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) shows malfunctions related to emission. Red Stop Lamp (RSL) indicates serious faults that require the vehicle to stop. Amber Warning Lamp (AWL) signals less critical faults and vehicles need not be immediately stopped.

What is the first step to diagnose J1939 data bus issues? ›

  • CAN + and CAN - will be tested separately. Turn the ignition key ON and put one test lead on ground and the other lead on CAN + (Pin C) or CAN - (Pin D).
  • Turn the ignition key off and disconnect the batteries. Set the multimeter to ohms and place the leads between CAN + (Pin C) and CAN - (Pin D). ...

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