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About ProHenis:
Hey, my name is Henry and everyday I strive to bring you guys entertaining Call of Duty and Fornite videos and streams. If you have any questions about my videos or suggestions on how I can improve my content, don't hesitate to leave a comment on one of my videos or tweet me @ProHenis - thanks for checking out my channel and I hope to see you back on a regular basis!




You can go ahead and drop.

It start opening up.

These rare supply drops what's up half-life, how you doing today, man yeah santa talk just because it's a little bit easier than trying to communicate in the chat right here.

But let's see, ladies and gentlemen, hopefully we'll be able to get the galil.

If we do then, hopefully we'll be able to rock with it.

That's that's the hope for today guys be sure to go ahead.

Share this stream around.

Let's try to get some more people back in here we got another chance chat.

We have another chance to go ahead and get the magical gl the magical weapon that is the galil in this game.

What's up, it's rwfx how you doing today, man welcome to the stream uh super mojo cook, how you doing today, man welcome to the stream.

Are you on playstation? I am indeed my dude.

Why just get it in like the first, like 10 drops or something like that right, that's gonna! Be our look! That's honestly, gonna! Be our luck.

What's up mystical how you doing today, man welcome to the stream as well moosie moosie, how you doing today, man.

Can you shout my name out yo hamza quedler queeler? Thank you very much for stopping by dude.

I really do appreciate that.

I hope you get it dude.

I hope I get it for you too man.

I mean honestly, it's gonna be a lot of fun to use, but I'm hoping you'll be able to get it man, because I've heard it's actually a pretty nice weapon to rock here.

I just want to try it out too to see how nice it is.

If we, if we don't get it, my plan is probably we're just gonna go back onto my account and what we'll do is we'll just hop into some custom games and try to grab it off of one of those like trending tabs, because more than likely somebody's already added it to like some sort of community playlist that we can grab it with uh.

Did he get the ballistic knife? I did not man.

Unfortunately not.

I used the pharaoh.

Uh just got rapid fire trust me.

It's a beast! The pharaoh would rapid fire.

I think I've used a pharaoh with rapid fire before man actually and uh you're.

Right, though that weapon already has an insanely high fire rate.

So if we ended up getting it, that'd be dope.

If we ended up like using that in this uh on a class setup, that'd be really awesome, but right now we're focusing on the galil.

We got to keep our mind focused here, chat the galil, the galil or the ballistic knife.

Either way, just ask me and I'll tell you how you can get it yo teresa.

Do you know how I can guarantee myself to get one ppsh or the m16 bilal? I honestly don't know man like I've never actually used the m16 myself and called the black ops 3.

I've only used the ppsh, but there we go guys.

We just got our very first piece of march contraband on this guy's account he's got the uh sicarius uh serif, head team, which actually looks really dope.

Honestly, I don't think I actually got that before um honestly looks really cool christian france, how you doing today, man welcome to the stream christian francis how you doing today, man every time you see the epic argus flash guys, you never end up getting anything.

It's unbelievable omni-vault how you doing today, man welcome to the stream we're praying chat.

I don't know why these supply drops are taking a little bit longer than usual to open up, but we got the furious song.


I don't know if you've actually got the furious song already on your account man, but that's actually dope.

That's actually awesome.

I hope you get the best of luck.

Thank you hamza.

I really appreciate that man.

Thank you very much.

We got the furious song, though guys dlc weapon hype in the chat.

I don't know if zetta tyler already had this weapon uh, maybe he did um.

We probably actually should have checked it.

Let's actually go ahead and quickly check before we move on here.

Let's see what dlc weapons this guy's actually got.

He's got the ppsh.

Oh he's got the m16 too holy crap.

This guy's got some nasty classics.

Let's just go ahead and see what this guy's got.

This guy have every single dlc weapon no way does he have every single one except for the new ones.

Ladies and gentlemen, this man has every single dlc weapon, except for the new ones holy crap james awesome.

What's going on, man welcome to the stream holy crap.

This guy's insane this guy's in safe all right, we'll go ahead and continue with the rare supply dots here.

Man, damn that's amazing too many people are opening.

I guess so man, maybe that's why it's lagging, but this man has every single dlc weapon on his account.

That's absolutely crazy! What's my favorite bo3 gun honestly right now, man, it has to be the ppsh gun, absolutely shreds, although I should be saying the galil, because I want the galil.

Don't kid me here treyarch! I want the little tobias welcome to the stream.

This man is insane.

This man is insane for real.

You just need the balloon and the you just need the galil and the ballistic knife, yo dude, honestly props, to you guys.

I mean I've got a lot of dlc weapons too, but not like every single one like that, like damn, that's crazy! Your hairline is a mcdonald's logo.

What that doesn't make any sense, my hairline doesn't even look like a mcdonald's logo.

I have the furious sanyo christian, that's lit man, the xfr.

What's up buddy, welcome to the stream man, just watching how you doing today, my man welcome to the stream.

I hope you have my luck.


Thank you half-life I'll! Need all the luck you guys can give me truly.

I need as much luck as I can possibly get.

What have you gotten so so far, man we've actually gotten to play with the ballistic knife and right now we're grinding to try to get the glow on this guy's account he's got 1400 cryptokeys on this account, so maybe maybe I can be the good luck here and actually be able to get it for him.

We'll see, though I didn't have any luck on my own personal account, but maybe I can give this guy some luck.

Maybe just maybe we're crossing our fingers chat.

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, if you guys, have not gone and subscribed to my channel yet by the way be sure to do so.

Every single time you guys subscribe to the channel you'll, see your names pop up right here below my face.

Cam and you'll see the live, youtube sub count in the lower right hand, corner of the stream go up by one as well hi, I'm new.

What games do you play and you're awesome? Good luck, yo! Thank you! Super mojo.

I really appreciate that man, most of the time I'm just playing call of duty black ops, 3 bro.

In all honesty, I do like to play um h1z1 every now and then as well um, but for the most part, just I'm just a call of duty fanboy to be honest with you yo, the sunshine came out for the r for the rk5 that actually looks really sexy.

Damn that's really nice.

That actually looks really dope.

I know the sunshine camo looks really nice in some other weapons, but that that on the rk5 that looks really nice.

What's going on basics trolling how you doing today, my man welcome to the stream.

Thank you very much for stopping by best youtuber ever.

Thank you rd flips.

I really appreciate that man.

Thank you very much monster gaming.

What's up my man, welcome to the stream.

Do I have model warfare mastered, I do bro.

Yes, I don't really play it that much though, to be honest with you just because I'm not really a huge fan of it.

I mean I've used it.

I've played it before.

I just feel like the hit detection's.

Really weird in that game.

Does anybody else feel that way? I don't know I feel like whenever I use it like the my bolts, never register, and I don't know why.

Johannes all I need is the galil and the raven's eyes, zion hd wicked, lucky man, congratulations, dude, hopefully you'll be able to get it.

I'm passing on my good luck to you as well.

Man I mean, except you know I, my good luck is essentially non-existent as of right now, we've still got some more cr crypto keys to open up here.

So maybe that grammar welcome to the stream you're awesome.

Thank you, damage beast.

I appreciate it.

Colette williams, how you doing today welcome to the stream.

I love you guys.

I love you too, the xfar! What's up noodle game and you're the best youtuber ever because you interact with your viewers.

Thank you man.

I love interacting with you guys, honestly.

It makes the stream so much more fun.

I do I have the banshee hamza.

I do have the banshee yes on this guy.

This guy's got the banshee two on his account.

This man has every single dlc weapon, except for the ballistic knife and the galil there's absolute craziness, how much longer for the stream dara.

In all honesty, I don't really know if we get the galil and get the chance to use it, then uh we'll keep going, but in all honesty, if we don't get the glow, I'm probably just going to stop here.

Pretty soon we've been live for an extremely long time.

It's been crazy, uh, colte williams, how you doing today welcome to the stream.

Thank you very much for your love, hey, I just subbed.

I hope you get both.

Thank you super.

I really do appreciate that man, ladies and gentlemen.

Yo we got the ballistic knife baby.

Let's freaking go, we got the blister knife on this guy's account.

Let's freaking go, ladies and gentlemen ballistic knife spams in the chat.

We got this man, the ballistic knife, hopefully we'll be able to rock with it and get some pretty cool gameplays with it as well just to kind of mess around with it see how it works.

But, ladies and gentlemen, ballistic knife, let's freaking, go ballistic nice fans in the chat.

Let's go zeta talk.

Congratulations! Man! That's lit ballistic knife baby, let's get it! So that's one! Oh that's one dlc weapon down, ladies and gentlemen, only got one more to go and that's the galil.

I'm feeling a little bit more hyped right now, guys, maybe treyarch's actually gonna be with us right now.

We're hoping hey hennis! You got it yo, I'm hoping man.

Just we just gotta get the glitter.

Now I honestly thought that was gonna, be it for a second, but we got the molten fire break body theme that looks dope as well.

My luck passed on to you yo, true, you guys, honestly, all of you guys in here right now.

You guys pass the luck right into my right into my being, and I appreciate that.

Thank you.

I need your luck now for the galil, so, like everything you guys were just giving me in terms of luck.

I need like 10 times more of that right now.

I need more of it.


What's going on, drew lennon how you doing today, my man welcome to the stream hannah's the luckiest brother, yo dude.

I would not consider myself very lucky right now at all on my account bro.

I spent like a crap ton of money.

We didn't.

We didn't end up getting the glitter or the ballistic knife, unfortunately, but it is what it is, but this man's got the ballistic knife now, so maybe we'll be able to get him the galil- I don't know do we know if the glow comes out of an epic or a legendary chap.

Do we know which one it comes out of my guess? It would be an epic just because that's what we've seen with our weapons in the past, but let's see here, haptic came up for the argus.

Usually every time you see an argus or epic argus flashing on the screen in one of your supply drops.

It usually means that you're never actually going to get it, and then we just got it right there.

Maybe that's a little bit of hint of luck.

That's all! We need to chat we'll see, I'm waiting for like one of the weapons to like pop up right on screen.

As soon as like the bass drops on one of these songs, that'd be so cool yo.

We just got the night breaker as well.

We've already got that dlc weapon too, but we got the night breaker, that's dope, another dlc weapon.

Can we get some night breaker spams in the chat? That's what we need boys hennes pay attention to twitch chat as well.

Yo, I'm sorry royalty risen, I'm sorry man, I'm trying to interact with as many people as possible right now.

So sometimes I miss the twitch chat just because it gets kind of swarmed in with the youtube chat.

If you guys want to check out uh yo dominator, please do not sell promotement, I gotten any of the new weapons yeah yeah bro.

We actually just unlocked the uh, the ballistic knife on this guy's account, which is awesome, and we've already got the chance to play with it a little bit as well on somebody else's account, so hopefully we'll be able to rock with it uh here for a little bit and a little bit of a gameplay right after this, and if not then we'll definitely be sure to rock with the galil, which would be a lot of fun and he's got this man's got the irish camo on his account as well.

So worst comes to worst, we get to rock around with the ballistic knife with that camo on it as well, which is going to be awesome, check twitter.

He got the ballistic knife.

True sorry for calling you an ass yo royalty, no worries, man no worries.

But, ladies and gentlemen, we just got some more march contraband right there.

The royalty order, reaper body theme looking pretty cool.

I really like the red on that.

In all honesty, it kind of looks like um, I'm blanking on the name of it.

What's that, like outfit, I'm blanking on the character's name, whatever it's from the superhero movie, I'm pretty sure.

I'm gonna pass my luck of irish on to you.

Thank you drew lennon.

I I'm gonna need that man, I'm gonna, need it as much of it as I can get just like.

I'm pretty sure I can just like soak in the good luck from the chat right here and just like bring it into my being.

Hopefully I can at least do you have an xbox.

Please answer me: I'm begging you! I do not have an xbox one man, I'm sorry, but, ladies and gentlemen, we've got the brass knuckles, yet another dlc weapon in our possession, but not the dlc weapon that we are looking for.

We need the galil.

Ladies and gentlemen, we need the glue you're awesome.

Thank you, james awesome.

I really appreciate that man means a lot to me.

We've got the brass knuckles.

Some more brass knuckle spam.

In the chat, ladies and gentlemen, we got the blessing.

What happens if we get the ballistic knife again, I would be so beyond triggered furious.


Good luck! Thank you very much man, I'm gonna! Need it we're going through all of this guy's cod points right now.

If we don't get it here, we're hopefully gonna be able to get it out of a supply drop or out of the crypto keys that we're gonna be able to burn right after this jesse bird.

How you doing today, my man welcome to the stream, but we got the ballistic knife.

Treyarch is trolling you for real they're, absolutely showing me right now.

Man, we got the brass knuckles boys.

Is that yes, let's freaking go, let's freaking go chat.

I am so done.

Let's go baby, oh my god! Oh my god.

Oh my lord chat.

That was way too dude freaking about time.

So true tom, it's freaking about time, guys theresa murphy.

You said you donate 500.

If we got it.

Oh my god chat.

Oh my god! Let's go baby! The luck worked.

Congratulations, genital! You have every dlc weapon on your account! Bro! Oh, my lord.


How do you get the Galil in Black Ops 3? ›

The Galil can be obtained from the Mystery Box in Zombies for 950 points. The Galil has 35 rounds with 315 rounds reserved, making it a worthy gun to keep. On top of massive ammo reserves, this gun deals more damage than most guns, lasting into round 19, and sometimes, if aiming for headshots, even higher.

What is the ballistic knife in Black Ops 3? ›

Zombies. The Ballistic Knife is available through the Mystery Box for 950 points. The player is able to pick up knives after being stuck into zombies plus it allows for faster knifing and movement speed, as well as more damage per stab (one stab up to about round five without the Sickle or Bowie Knife).

Can you get nukes in Black Ops 3? ›

Nukes can be forcefully spawned using the Dead of Nuclear Winter twice, as part of the nine power-ups with Reign Drops or randomly from the I'm Feeling Lucky Gobblegums in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, or from the Dead of Nuclear Winter or Reign Drops Elixirs from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

How do you open the cheat menu in bo3? ›

Secret Menu in Data Vault

Press and hold all four shoulder buttons on your controller. As you continue to hold those buttons, press X+Y on your controller (or the equivalent) and you'll bring up a secret menu, where you can enter cheat codes.

What is the Galil in real life? ›

The IMI Galil (Hebrew: גליל) is a family of Israeli-made automatic rifles chambered for the 5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62×51mm NATO cartridges.

What is the Galil rifle called? ›

The IWI Galil ACE is a family of assault rifles and battle rifles originally developed and manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). It is produced in three different calibres: 5.56×45mm NATO, 7.62×39mm and 7.62×51mm NATO.

What is the Galil upgraded called? ›

The ammo count of the Galil is 35/315. When upgraded via the Pack-A-Punch Machine, the Galil becomes the Lamentation.

Was the ballistic knife real? ›

Commercially-produced ballistic knives briefly gained notoriety in the United States in the mid-1980s after they were marketed and sold in the United States and other Western countries. Since then, the marketing and sale of ballistic knives to civilians has been restricted or prohibited by law in several nations.

Can you pack-a-punch a ballistic knife? ›

The ammo count is 1/4. Using the Pack-A-Punch Machine will upgrade the Ballistic Knife to the The Krause Refribrillator. The upgrade allows the user to revive downed teammates with a swipe or shot of the weapon, and the ammo count becomes 1/9.

Why is it called a ballistic knife? ›

“Ballistic knife” means any weapon or other device capable of lethal use and which can propel a knife blade. Bows and crossbows can all shoot broadhead arrows.

How do you unlock ballistic? ›

Obtaining ballistic weave requires players to complete a few non-binding quests for the Railroad faction. More specifically, players will need to complete the "Boston After Dark" and "Mercer Safehouse" quests in order to retrieve P.A.M.

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